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 Welcome to my Web site!

This web site is dedicated to the preservation of our family history. This started as a hobby to preserve information we had in the family.  Over the years and thanks to the help from relatives and others around the world, our family tree now contains over 4,600 individuals, 1,400 marriages, 10 generations and 1,148 surnames.  On my side of the family, information for my gg grandfather John McClelland dates back to 1818, while gg grandmother Margaret Blackburn dates back to the mid 1700's. On my mother's side, the Folliott and Boynton families date back to the early 1700's. All my immediate families settled in Ontario initially.

On my wife's side of the family, the Schwab's and Herman's emigrated from Hussenbach and Wulka, Volynia in Russia in the late1880's and early 1900's. They are often referred to as the Volga Germans, as they lived along the River Volga in the region of southeastern European Russia. They settled in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Navigating My Website

The  page is set up with a Family Backgrounds section that gives a  brief history of the  McClelland, Folliott, Grieve and Schwab families. This is followed by Family Histories links to the respective families. All family information, including notes, are found there.

Please note that I have not published many of the details for each family, either for privacy reasons or for simplicity in maintaining the web site.   However, I do have a lot of detail on family members up to the current generations.  Please contact me directly for more information.

I have not shown my generation or the preceding  generation if i am aware of living family members.

Information in GED format

I have also included the McClelland family history in GED format.  This makes it much easier to follow an individual through the generations.

To save time, you can use the search box below to locate a person on my website

only search www.mcclellandfamily.ca

Disclaimer: In many cases, birth, death, marriage, etc. dates are not confirmed by official documents.  Many dates have been passed down through families over the years or have been provided to me personally.  In some cases, birth dates have been derived from Census reports, which are known to be inaccurate at times.